Ed Adler
Partner | RLM Finsbury
"David's unique combination of creativity and business
acumen has been a tremendous asset that we have tapped
for some of most challenging communications initiatives over
the past ten years."


Doug Kemmerer
Director of Marketing Emeritus | Haverford Financial Services
"David has an unusual ability to translate complex concepts into
creative, easily understandable messages over a wide range of
media formats.  His true strength is his mastery of the business,
creative, and technological worlds."


Barry Mandinach
Executive Vice President
Head of Distribution
Virtus Investment Partners

"Dreyfuss ICG created a podcast site and strong content for
UBSGAM FA’s and Clients at a time when clear and timely
communications were mission-critical.”

  Michael Watras
Chief Executive Officer | Straightline
"David's leadership and imagination on a high-risk, high-reward
project gave senior management confidence - he and his team
delivered flawlessly."